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Openly mocking victims…. These people really do believe most Americans are stupid. We aren’t. Only about 1/4 of eligible voters are stupid.

So, what if I was attacked by a white person with an accent, and what if the attacker didn’t really have an accent they were just trying to use a voice that wouldn’t be recognized if captured on video?

What if its a person with a British accent? Are they still considered to be a criminal immigrant or does the attacker have to be “brown” in color?

This absolutely is a collection service for propaganda to be used against those “rapists” and “murderers” and even against some of the “nice ones”. Why don’t they care about far-right criminals, who are leaping ahead of the crime statistics? Well, because they voted for trump… and apparently, ICE is full of eager people who want to see those brown people tossed over the wall. This is fascism.

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