The legendary comedian is smarter than his willfully ignorant gags about the LGBTQ+ community and trans people

Contrary to his ongoing campaign against cancel culture, no one is cancelling Dave Chappelle. At this point he couldn’t be cancelled even if that were a real thing: he’s too rich, he’s built an independent production wall around himself, and he’s in complete control over the trajectory of his career…

It’s bigger than drow elves and trolls. The cult classic board game’s recent shakeup evokes how oppressors retain the status quo.

When I was around 10 years old, on an otherwise unremarkable Saturday afternoon at the Main Library in Downtown Columbus, Ohio, I had my life changed.

I was walking through the children’s area when I saw a large group of kids seated around two tables that had been pushed together…

Toppling White supremacy has never been more within reach, but its defenders are too sensitive and ungrateful to allow for meaningful progress

It has never been easier for White America to stop racism in its tracks, and yet here we are in the summer of 2021, debating over things like Juneteenth and Black history in classrooms and, still, the matter of Black lives. Apparently the melting pot of America is more like…

America made the end of slavery a federal holiday and all I got was this lousy T-shirt

In the midst of worldwide protests last year, Juneteenth had its great coming-out party. As much of White America scrambled to not be the bad guy, the holiday commemorating the last vestiges of legalized slavery came right on time. At the height of protest season, here was an opportunity that…

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to validate your existence

Dear So-Called Good Cop,

I write this to you in the spirit of a shrug. Not a dismissive, Kanye-West-snatching-Taylor-Swift’s-moment shrug, but a shrug of resignation. It is an if-we-must shrug. You are, of course, under no obligation to read this missive, but I can no longer labor under the banner…

Scott Woods

Writer and poet holding down Columbus, Ohio

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