The Season of Honor

I have lately been in the beginning stages of walking through a season that I have always believed in, but never experienced so deeply. I’m coining it the “Season of Honor.”

Several months ago my pastor said something that gripped my spirit like a vice. This thought may not have been received as a challenge to everyone, but I can remember it clear as day:

“Young people, I don’t know how it happened, but somewhere along the way my generation forgot to teach you about honor, and I’m sorry for that. Honor is a crucial thing missing from your generation and we have to do better.”

That moment messed with me for about a month. I started reading books about honor, studying the bible about honor, and observing the state of honor as a virtue in my generation. What resulted was a heart change that is still happening.

Side note: I have a feeling that I will be writing an awful lot about honor in the coming months, so if you are still reading this… buckle up.

Here is what I am learning so far:

Honor isn’t easy.

As humans, we are hardwired for struggle. Call it original sin, call it the fall of man, or something else. The bottom line is that seeing people the way that God sees them, and calling that out in them, is not a normal mode of operation for our flesh. Honor is a conscious decision you have to choose. IT releases a spirit of vulnerability into your life that is borderline uncomfortable at the start, because walking in a culture of honor means consistently speaking about others character and identity, and the selfish creature in me thinks, “Will I be forgotten in all this?”

Now, obviously that’s absurd. It’s the flesh fighting back against the case for honor.

The Fastest way to hear the voice of God, is to honor his people.

I have read and studied so many things to try and learn about how to distinguish the voice of God in my life, and the answer was always so simple.


If honor is about calling out the best in people, and seeing them the way God sees them, then when we show honor we are speaking to people’s identity designed by the Father of Lights. When I decide to internally see people the way God stitched them together, he fills my spirit with his thoughts about them. As a result, you quickly learn what His thoughts sound like. So if you are struggling to hear the heart of God, I would challenge you to start asking God to tell you about what he thinks about his kids. He’s a proud dad, he will have no problem telling you about them. (Side note: I just pictured God having the biggest wallet filled with pictures of his kids, and it made me laugh.)

Honor changes people.

When you choose to honor someone, you are speaking to the fiber of their being. The very fabric of their identity. It may not immediately change their actions in life, but it will stir their hearts. It is impossible to not walk differently when you are reminded of your identity, and the reason you were created.

Honor doesn’t just change others, it changes me. It changes the way I think about people’s intentions, their mistakes, their dreams. Walking in honor changes the fabric of how I view the world. Hope springs up, and the pessimism of society begins to dwindle. The worry or fear that can be associated with this election cycle, vanishes. The thoughts that would have me believe I won’t find my wife, disappear. When I choose to walk in honor, God reminds me what he wants for me. He reminds me of my place in his heart, in his house. I’m not a servant in the house, I’m a son. A son worthy of a future, a son worthy of dreams, a son worthy of purpose.

My hope is that I can help awaken this same understanding in the hearts of my generation.

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