Possible cover for my “factional” memoir.

16 years and 2 stories later

I got an exercise for you, take an experience that happened 16 years ago and write about that. Easy enough. Then have a friend who experienced the same event do the same. That’s what happened on my last blog. I wrote what I swear happened. My friend Anthony did the same thing. I don’t recall some of the things that he said and I’m SURE as hell that he didn’t recall some of the things from “my story” either. I guess we all have our stories we tell. I called him last week to basically apologize for not remembering details and getting some just flatassed wrong. Shit, 16 years to 18, 8–10 songs to 30–40….I guess my mind “dramatizes” thing as the years go by. If I’m lucky enough to hit 80, it’ll go from 18 to 35 years and from 30–40 songs to 4000. I’ll continue to write from the best of my recollections but DAMN it’s a damn tricky thing! I‘m beginning to think that I should title my future “factional” memoir (fiction based off of facts) “Fantasies from an Aging Super model”. Happy August good people, S

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