From where I stood … CMAfest 2016

The SXSW of the Country Music world. It’s now an amazing event that’s mostly free…except for the nightly big label shows but a few of those artists play the day shows, as well… and the best part is that it’s a ton of new artists that you can see perform.

Notes from my CMAfest:

1st off, it’s hot as hell. Not Bonnaroo hot but damn hot for a 53 year old.

Clare Dunn is a BADass performer.

Mo Pitney, the best singer that I heard all weekend. HE is a badass!

This guy had a GREAT spirit. “High Fived” visitors all day

THIS guy to the left “high fived” visitors ALL day. That’s some damn fine Southern hospitality!

Wish there were more acts like Crowder (he played on Sunday morning). He was really great…and not predictable relative to the rest of the music which was overall a pretty narrow genre of music this year (and yes, I know it suppose to be “Country”).


I’d say 95% of new major label artists are trying to figure out how to perform like you’d expect a major label artist to perform. Everyone’s staring at them …and they are trying to figure out what to do when everyone’s staring at them.

I really miss the rebel flag bikini tops…I did not see a one this year. :( I’m not the rebel flag kinda guy but maybe it’s the Hank Jr. factor that I was missing, I guess.

This was Earl Dibbles Jr. below (Granger Smith’s alter ego). People around me were cheering his flag waving, beer swilling, womanizing act…until they realized that it was an act, then they were bummed. :(

I left Earl Dibbles Jr. and sure ‘nuff immediately stumbled upon an Earl Dibbles Jr. cover band…where middle aged women trampled on plants (look left, that’s middle aged calves standing on what used to be a fern).

Realities of a SECOND place American idol winner’s crowd (see below).

I DIDN’T miss the “Wo Wo’s”. I seriously didn’t hear but maybe one. Could could be that God was giving my ears a break from that shit. If so, many thanks to the man upstairs.

I tell myself that I look taller in this hat.

….and no, I didn’t mind looking like an idiot wearing my Katharine Hepburn hat….most of the time (cuz again it was hot as hell).

That’s all I got from Nashville, Tennessee. Honestly, it is a GREAT festival, if’n you like a little Country Music.