My Illumitati Mexican lunch break

I snuck away from the Mexican All-inclusive a coupla weeks back to visit Playa Del Carmen for a few hours. After walking around while sweating my American ass off (always looking for good “local” food), I find a restaurant with my handy-dandy google maps app…one that shows guest reviews (a must for me!). Not many were in this neat little restaurant located on a side street. A sweet young server came up to give me the menu and then a really beautiful older lady (i.e. close to my age) came over and asked me if I wanted some suggestions…which of course I obliged her. :) She told me her favorite items on the menu (she was the manager, I think) and one question about where we’re mutually from (she was from Denmark), turns to why we’re “here” , her yoga practice, her transvestite or transgender show (one of the 2 or maybe both), that then stumbled into politics then Buddhism that then (and a little unexpectedly) ended up in a serious conversation about the Illuminati and Rothchild’s and that there were only 6 people (I think it was 6) who really ruled the whole damn world (she asked me to “think on that one” while stepping away for a minute). I really don’t know about all of that and hell maybe she’s right but all I knew was that she was in a passionate and intense conversation…and all I really wanted was a good cheap Mexican lunch (and possibly a date…though I find out she’s married :( ). She then asked if I wanted another beer. I had to have another just to destress from the depressing idea that the world was going to hell in a hand basket (because of 6 people) and all I really (for the most part) wanted to know was “what’s good on the menu”. Well, other people whom she knew came into the restaurant and she went to see visit. I took a deep breath, finished my quite good and healthy lunch and went back out into the sweat-fest that was Playa. That was the last spiritual conversation I had the rest of the day (or really the week). One’s my quota.