The upside to lying

Not long out of college I had someone call me and asked if I wanted to go to Hawaii, Japan, Korea and the Philippines. I said yes. The part that I skipped over was the part about “to do ‘live sound’ for Jerry Reed”. I had never done “live sound” before. I didn’t recall her asking this. Maybe she said it… maybe she didn’t. I think if she did (which I kinda think that she did) I had kept that part from even entering my auditory canals (or at least the part in getting from my eardrums to the rational part of my brain). Ok., so she did but said that they actually needed two people. One to do “front of house” (sound for the crowd) and one for “monitors” (sound for the band). I immediately hung up and called a friend (who had done a least a little of this) and I asked him if between the two of us we could pull this off. He knew that I was clueless…though I worked at a studio and new basic “sound stuff”. He said that he thought that we could, even though I think that he had been stricken with the same stupidity as me. Anyways, I kinda lied/faked my way through the whole 6 week tour and (I’m SURE) did the band (and Jerry) a horrible dis-service in being the worst “live sound engineer” (if you could call it that) that EVER “ran sound” for Mr. Reed. I learned a valuable lesson….lying can get you an all expenses paid 6 week tour of the South Pacific with a music legend (I spent what money I did make on alcohol and a couple of women). If I had kids, would I tell them this? I’m not sure. Maybe that falls in line with drugs, “strip shows”, getting paid to flash a secretary (and the head of a record label) and other stupid stuff that could have happened to me as a kid. It sure was fun though (if it did happen) but DAMN if it looks impressive on a resume (i.e. “shitty sound for a Country legend”). See if you can somehow work that into your Sunday morning bible study. Happy rainy Sunday morning from Nashburg, Tennessee!

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