Appliance Innovation Pte Ltd releases a range of new LED products in Singapore

September 8, 2015 — Appliance Innovation Pte Ltd is the leading producer of LED lighting in Singapore. Its current rating has skyrocketed after launching a chain of successful and innovative products that cannot be copied by the competition. The site, where you can view LED high bay light Singapore, is located at the following web address One of the main advantages of being the client of this company is that you will get upgraded products at every season of the year. By releasing revised versions of the same essential lighting bodies they are sure to secure their place in the industry.

Buying all the lighting products from Singapore has been a great deal for a long time. The location of the production factories is favorable to deliver a top notch product without making the price go through the roof. It’s also possible to acquire past generation LED high bay light that will be several times cheaper than the alternatives offered by the competition. The cost of producing such lamps is close to the price tag due to the innovation in the technology and the company aims to make its profit by selling more rather than by raising the price tag. This strategy has proven to be the turning point in the business led by Appliance Innovation Pte Ltd.

The LED flood light Singapore has been a huge hit with the locals and then has been released into the West via such channels as Alibaba. Reactions to this new product have been surprisingly positive and Appliance Innovation Pte Ltd has made the decision to broaden the LED flood light product range. The flood lights are often used to provide lighting for bigger indoor environments such as malls, large office buildings and training halls.

About Appliance Innovation Pte Ltd:

Appliance Innovation Pte Ltd is a LED T8 tube Singapore manufacturer from Singapore that has launched a series of new project onto the western market. AI is aiming for a high quality product development while keeping the prices accessible for every type of customer. Offering the highest possible selection of various LED lights — the company aims to deliver every type of solution that can be achieved in the field.
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Company: Appliance Innovation Pte Ltd
Address: 18 Sin Ming Lane #06–03 Midview City, Singapore
Phone: (65)61000611