14 Reasons To Get a Job In Peace and Security

So you want to be Secretary of State? An acclaimed foreign policy columnist? Winner of a Nobel Peace Prize? Why not launch your career with a Scoville Peace Fellowship in Washington, DC?

1. The peace and security field needs smart, young, confident people…

2. To solve problems left by older generations…

3. Like finding modern solutions to keep weapons of mass destruction out of the wrong hands…

By “modern,” we mean ones that don’t involve cardboard.

4. And countering violent extremism, as well as preventing and resolving international conflicts:

5. As a peace and security activist, you’ll learn firsthand how to work with allies, adversaries, and frenemies…

6. And diplomatic skills are important — whether you’re negotiating with a foreign leader or with your roommate about the dishes:

7. In fact, you may discover you have a lot in common with colleagues across the aisle:

Former Senators Richard Lugar (R-IN) and Sam Nunn (D-GA) didn’t settle for gridlock; neither should you. Instead, they created legislation to dismantle WMDs in the former Soviet Union so terrorists could not acquire nuclear materials.

8. You‘ll also have ample opportunity to meet important leaders in political and policy circles:

Patting Obama’s head: a tried-and-true networking strategy.

9. And who knows, you might even run into your peace and security hero on the street…

10. Or star in one of C-SPAN’s fresh reality shows:

The stars of “America’s Next Top Policy Wonk,” “Dancing with the International Relations Majors,” and “The Real Peace and Security Activists of Washington, DC” meet and mingle on Capitol Hill.

11. After a long day traveling the world, negotiating with foreign leaders, and preventing earth-shattering crises…

12. You can unwind with other brilliant 20-somethings at Washington’s famous happy hours:

Gin and Atomics, anyone?

13. Basically, it feels great to know you’re making the world a better place every day:

14. And in the end, if international peace and security deteriorates, nothing else really matters.

To learn more about starting your career in international peace and security in Washington, visit us at www.scoville.org.

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