There is a currency for terrorists and it is not Bitcoin

The entire cryptocurrency market cap is currently around 110 billion dollars and it’s taken almost 10 years to get there.

Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia a few weeks ago to sell them weapons and the US Senate just approved a 110 billion dollar arms deal with Suadi Arabia, a country which is known for its human rights violations, leading a humanitarian crisis against one of the poorest nations on Earth, Yemen, in which 17 million people are on the brink of starvation, and DIRECTLY arming terrorist groups such as ISIS. Saudi Arabia was also implicated in the 911 attacks.

But, obviously, DESPITE THIS, the US government wants to go after Bitcoin and other non relevant "sources of terrorist funding"

This is the kind of legislation you have when psychopaths and sociopaths are in charge of a government.

This is beyond pathetic and my only conclusion is that the US government doesn’t like competition when it comes to funding terrorists.

They just whipped up 110 billion dollars with a stroke of a pen meanwhile the entire crypto community is actually doing real work, real innovation and real change and they are worrying about someone with cryptos financing terrorism

Try inventing a crypto to cause wars or kill people and see whether you will raise a single penny.

The truth is that only governments have the resources to sustain the level of terrorism we see today

No amount of cryptos could sustain the terrorists out there right now and the US, British, German, Chinese, Russian and French governments that manufacture all these weapons that terrorists use today only accept US dollars and Euros not cryptos

Governments that manufacture all these weapons that terrorists use today only accept US dollars and Euros not cryptos

Their government regulated stock markets don’t accept cryptos either to buy stocks for all their weapons manufacturing companies listed on their government regulated exchanges but somehow they are more worried about cryptos.

It’s rank hypocrisy on the part of the US Government.

That the crypto-market capitalisation is the size of a one-off weapons​ deal between US and Saudi Arabia in one fell swoop is a testimony to this hypocrisy.

Weapons​ deal is the worst form of terrorism, but yet, the US Government gets involved in it, and pretends to fight terrorism, by fighting cryptos et al.

Remember: These psychopaths and sociopaths are in minority, compared to "We the People". And this is why the war will be worn by "We the People".