The quest of life

Credits to solefield @ DeviantArt

More and more today I’m thinking about what’s is really making me happy in my life and sometimes, as crazy as it seems, what is my mission in this world.

Do I really have one ?

I guess everybody has asked this to himself at one time or another ? Isn’t it ? In my opinion this is probably the most valuable question you can try to find an answer.

At the first time I didn’t really know what I was exactly looking for, but after some meditation about that — and you can trust me I lost some of my neurons ;-) — It appeared to be obvious….

It seems I was looking for the inner fire

The inner fire

Credits to kkart @ DeviantArt

The inner fire is something you can most of time describes, but, sometimes it’s only about feeling. It’s like the wind : you can’t see it, but you can feel it.

This is the thing that make you waking up every day, enjoying the life and gives you the strengths to fight against everything.

I don’t think I’ve already found the inner fire but sometimes I feel something that looks familiar. It’s like I’m having the feeling that I’m missing something big just right under my nose…

I got some hints, I know that I must keep going in this way even if this can be a very long way.

I don’t care, this is really funny and interesting.

Here are some questions and hints that can helps you in your quest of the inner fire :

First, if you could only keep 5 things and lost everything else, what it would be ?

This can be material, but I think it’s more about something in your brain, hobbies or habit.

What is your main goal in your life ?

Put some words on it, write it on paper, as a checklist if you wants. You can only go forward if you have a goal. This is what allows to you to compare yourself in the time and keep a good motivation.

Try, and try again !

Never, ever surrender. Life is hard, there will be obstacle on your way, you’ll have your ups & downs, but this will make you what you will be tomorrow and you’ll be proud of you.

You are not alone !

In my opinion the human being is made to live in society, we’re not made to be alone, we should talk with others people to question and improve ourselves, but we must only pay attention to constructive critics, the life is too short to spend time with haters and trolls.

The technology and the world of nowadays allows us to connect with the world biggest brains — even if they are not on this planet anymore — by reading books or article on the internet and this can helps you find what makes you happy.

Finally I would like to said that I’m very grateful to my mates, the people I’m working or living with every days, I learned a lot about those questions am asking to my self thanks to them (thanks Michel as well as Luca especially), this keep going and helps me progress in the quest of life.