Your resume and cover letter surely made a positive impact, but the most important evaluation has yet to come.

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If you’re searching for your first software development job, the process can be daunting. You may have heard that after sending your resume to a company, there’s an initial screen. This is usually done over the phone, but sometimes it happens in-person. Your resume and cover letter (the first impression) surely made a positive impact, but the most important evaluation has yet to come: making a human connection with a company recruiter. …

Perspectives gained from a 3-month search for my first full-time developer job.

I graduated from a coding bootcamp in April. I’m a junior developer, though, I have some freelance projects on my resume that gave me about 2 years of experience. This, combined with a decently written Linkedin profile, contributed to my getting contacted by multiple recruiters daily. I wound up landing my first full-time job (a contract position) through one of those recruiters. I’ll go into that in detail later in the post.


  • I found a job through a recruiter almost 3 months into my search, but most of…

Tracking down bugs in the software you’re working on can be tricky. Debugging is a massive topic and there are so many places bugs can show up. One thing’s for sure, whether you’re careful or not…

Bugs will show up.

I’m not saying this to be pessimistic. Creating and squashing bugs is not just a part of the process of writing software, it is the process! We’re solving problems and ironing out the kinks as we go.

The List

There are so many types of bugs I’ve encountered while working on projects. …

I was ready for a career change. It was October of 2017. The more time I spent coding and learning computer science fundamentals, the more I realized that a programming career would fit my personality* better than performing and teaching music.

After spending a fair amount of time teaching myself to code and making websites, I began researching coding bootcamps. There were optimistic statistics of people making $80,000 after graduating. There were detractors who warn strongly against bootcamps. I was skeptical, but decided I wasn’t learning fast enough.

* Read more about my bootcamp decision: Now Attending: Fullstack Academy


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