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I was just having this conversation, not 15 minutes ago — How do you tell the truth about anything, in writing? No one actually wants to hear the truth. People love reading things that validate the thing they read yesterday, from the publication their friends subscribe to, that only publishes stories from one point of view, and an extremely watered down point of view at that.

I’m not sure there is anything in the world that is completely black or white, but in order to write, and have people read it, and want to publish it, you better pick a color. God forbid you write something that has some real thought to it. And by thought I mean not just the regurgitated crap that is perfectly in line with some sort of “group”, be it political liberals or conservatives, the religious right, or the “spiritualists”. You better pick a side and stick to it. And by stick to it I mean everything “controversial” you say better only be controversial to all of the other groups, but not your own; the one you were either born into, or joined up with at some point in your life. Because seriously, who is going to publish your shit if there isn’t a huge audience somewhere who agrees with you 100%. People want to be validated, they don’t want to think. And whoever panders to one of the huge groups, and can successfully validate everything they’ve already read, just in different words, wins. (IMHO)

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