Let me say that I love creature/animal movies, Jaws is one of my favorite movies of all-time. I always see creature movies when they come out, I would classify them as my guilty pleasure. The problem is there are amazing creature movies with a clear message for the audience (Planet of the Apes) and god-awful creature movies that are embarrassment to film making (Congo). Godzilla is a really enjoyable movie with a message of human scientific arrogance and its consequences. This is in stark contrast to the cartoonish and moronic Godzilla remake of 1998 which was a terrible movie. Honestly when I finished watching that movie I was mad at myself for watching it. I mean this 2014 version of Godzilla puts the ’98 version to shame. That is not to say ‘14’s Godzilla is a classic creature film, it isn’t. It’s a movie that I really liked, not loved. There are some obvious plot holes and inconsistencies, but they are not large enough to make the film unenjoyable. I also would have preferred more Bryan Cranston and less Ken Watanabe. Cranston was great as usual, but Watanabe was wooden. Obviously Cranston is best known as Walter White from Breaking Bad, but he has proven to be a much more versatile actor than that. Whether it was his role as Dr. Tim Whatley on Seinfeld or Shannon in Drive, Cranston has proven that he is an underrated character actor. Cranston is very believable as the obsessed father and widow that realizes something is out there. I was disappointed in Watanabe. I normally enjoy his craft, but he seemed awkward in this role and could have put a lot more emotion into it. It seemed like most of the time he was on screen he was just standing there with his mouth agape. Director Gareth Edwards uses the technique of building up a huge amount of tension and suspense before revealing the title character which I totally agree with. The best part about a creature movie is the thought that the beast is out there but is elusive. The best way to end this review is to say the ending is satisfying and I REALLY HOPE THERE IS NOT A SEQUEL TO RUIN THIS PERFECTLY GOOD STAND-ALONE FILM. Thank you.

Four Stars

Michael Stewart

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