Tropic Thunder

I treat comedies much differently than other films. It’s not as if I dislike comedies, nothing could be further from the truth It’s just that comedies do not provoke the deep thematic content that other genres do. Of course every now and then you have a deep comedy i.e. Groundhog Day or Dr. Strangelove-I do not consider Fargo a comedy-but mainly it is about entertainment. When I rate movies I rate comedies in a whole different category. I have my greatest movies of all time and my funniest movies of all time. Now onto the movie…

I really do not know how I missed this movie when it came out, I normally see movies like this If I want a good laugh and Tropic Thunder provides the laughs. This movie has an all-star cast of characters. Even the minor characters are well known actors and funny men. I normally do not like Ben Stiller as an actor and certainly as a director. He really surprised me with his versatility being able to direct this film. Honestly, this is the first Ben Stiller film that I have enjoyed. Robert Downey Jr., who is always sneakily funny-is hilarious in his part. Downey Jr. was nominated for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, which really just tells me it was a weak year for that award. I mean he was funny, but it was not Oscar worthy.

This is one of the more quotable comedies I have recently seen. “You never go full retard” and “What do you mean YOU people” are two of the funnier lines of the film. As usual Danny McBride plays the same person in every movie and yet he is funny every time.

The interesting thing about this movie is that it is that it is a satire on high-budget war films. The beginning and ending scenes are deliberate rip-offs of Platoon, the greatest Vietnam war film of all-time. Of course the obvious unrealistic plot and plot holes take away from the film a bit but it is still very humorous. The only real thing I did not like was the child drug lord, that just did not do it for me.

Tropic Thunder has hysterical moments, but not quite on the level of Dumb and Dumber or Step Brothers.

Four Stars

Michael Stewart

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