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Looks like a joke, isn’t it?

It is just a beginning!

I am glad I have grabbed your attention.

Indeed, the SCRATCH token team consists only of one Frog. What? Why? Scam? Probably three main questions that could appear after looking through the topic.

Well, it is what we have came to with all our ICO’s trends and where this industry appeared now. Frog was concepted as a vigilante of crypto, with a true bright idea that basically could become a disruption if it will have it’s place in your hearts.

The main goal is to build a token that…

ICO became a booming industry in 2017 and conducted a lot of hype for more than year. Let’s have a quick look at several reasons why this industry succeeded and what is an ICO right now.

“Decentralization” became a top-1 used word after “blockchain” being observed at every TGE website. Folks liked an idea of “government free projects” “uncontrolled disruption” and so on. …

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