Scraye began with a simple mission: to make renting simple, fast and transparent.

Our story began on a rainy day in mid-2019 in the back of an old taxi in Frankfurt. A team member needed to find a new home, and fast - his lease in London was expiring in 10 days and between long hours at the office, work trips and other distractions, he was quickly running out of time. Using his mobile to skim through confusing profiles, call agents, schedule viewings and complete paperwork was surprisingly less fun than it reads. To add to it all, he was moving in with his girlfriend for the first time and needed a pet-friendly place for her shihpoo (a mix of shitzu and poodle for the uninitiated, like he was at the time). …

Scraye is a next generation rentals platform. For tenants, it’s the simplest way to rent great homes. For landlords, it’s the only all-inclusive way to let. We’ve also taken the chance to cut market fees 60% and build a service people actually enjoy.

We’re launching soon in Fitzrovia, Marylebone and Soho by partnering with a select list of landlords and premium properties. We’re running out of space fast and only have capacity for a handful more landlords to sign up. If you are interested in listing your property for the launch, please reach out to or visit

If you are a tenant, you can sign up online for a sneak peek preview and early bird perks.

Landlord Solutions

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Key Features

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The UK government has rolled out several extraordinary measures to help cope with the current crisis. Although the programmes can be really helpful, navigating them is hard. Here we cover the support programmes that are most likely to apply to estate agents.

The programmes can be split based on your specific situation:

· Agents who have lost their jobs

· Agents on temporary furlough

· Independent and self-employed agents

At the bottom there are links to the detail of each programme so you can check eligibility, the amounts involved, and any further detail which may interest you.

Agents who have lost their…



Scraye is an end-to-end technology platform to make renting homes simple, fast and transparent.

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