Mind the Clap
M.G. Siegler

Having some sort of ratings system or aggregate to determine if you like what was written can be a dicey conundrum. The “clap” symbol it on the same level as some writer making up the word “metrosexual” in hopes of that word becoming a part of the American lexicon when in fact, there was already a word that covered that topic, fastidious. The “clap” is not a true quantifier for the writing word. It is not objective in that you press the article to state that you liked it but what if you don’t? Most articles that let you comment have a thumbs up or thumbs down icon or sometimes the articles have the four or five star ratings system. The “clap” is a dystopian battering ram offering the reader no objections when one sees the number who agree but not disagree with a subject. The computer aggregate knows when you have completely read the article but they want more from the reader, they want you to be submissive, not question the authoritarians and not resist because resistance is futile. That’s a lot to ask from a hand icon.

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