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“Money is the root of all evil” should be this film franchise motto. After seeing the first one it is the only reason why they made the second one even though the first one just plan and simply sucked donkey dong. I like a good film with good adult content but this didn’t have it. The hype surrounding the first film was overblown and stilted and because it was a Universal picture that NBC owns, they oversold it on The Today Show. There was no chemistry with the actors, the dialogue was juvenile and uninspiring, the sex scenes were boring, the ending just stopped without any sense of a conclusion or hint of a cliffhanger sensibility about it. One of the hypes that they talked about was that they were calling this “mommy porn”. Well, I’ve seen porn, this wasn’t even close to being anything resembling porn. And after reviewing a lot of the critics response to the second film, it seems as if the overblown hype surrounding this film continues with the same dull performances from the leads. And I’ve read and heard that they shot a third installment for this flick so the inflicting of pain will continue and not in a good way. I heard one critic described this second installment as “50 Shades Dumber”. Ouch!

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