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  1. This film was not funny. I waited 15 minutes for them to warm up and get going but it never happened, didn’t laugh once.
  2. Too many cliche lines.
  3. The directing was horrible as was the writing.
  4. Just because men didn’t find it funny does not make them misogynists.
  5. The Internet trolls were unfortunately accurate in their assessment of this film.
  6. I agree with you on the Leslie Jones character. Why did they write her character as a stereotypical blue collar worker with limited education skills and all the white girls as scientist? Why does the minority characters in films have to be urban street smart and savvy?
  7. Leslie Jones is not funny and uses her act to intimidate you.

8. There were no memorable lines in this film unlike the first that had so many that became part of the cultural lexicon (dogs and cats living together, there is no Dana only Zule).

9. The Bill Murray character in this one was murdered. There were no murders in the original, just slapstick.

10. As some point, it looked like they weren’t having any fun in making this movie. The original one did and it showed up in the final product.

11. Ghostbusters 2016 was not about feminism but about commerce. How much money could this movie make?

12. The tone of this film was mean and angry. The ghost were more meaner and angrier than the original.

13. Really didn’t care or made it an issue that 4 women were in the lead roles. What I cared about was that if it was funny and it wasn’t. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

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