What Donald Trump Said

And the Hypocrisy of America

Oh, a storm is threatening

My very life today

If I don’t get some shelter, Oh yeah, I’m gonna fade away

Political War, children, its just a shot away, Its just a shot away

Donald Trump, in some past live, may have been a stoker, the guy who shovels coal into old locomotive trains because with his latest revelation with a conversation he had with Billy Bush of Access Hollywood, he keeps adding fuel to the fire. To be fair, when it was revealed that there was salacious conversation discovered about Donald Trump, I just didn’t want to hear about it. And to be honest, I don’t want to hear anything about either one of these candidates. America has decided to place the two most unworthy candidates up for being president of the United States. But back to Donald.

When I did hear about what he had said, it was on Saturday Night Live, a small satire show that skewers politicians and other celebrity who find themselves being annoying. And after hearing what Donald Trump said, my reaction was, okay, it was standard guy talk to another guy. It was the kind of talk that if you’re a heterosexual guy, you had this type of conversation if your 15 years old to 91 years old. What gets me is the moral outrage because if you’re a heterosexual guy between the ages of 15 to 91, you’ve said this and similar things about women. Ask any man if they’ve ever said something similar about women be it in the locker rooms, the bar, sports venues, offices, etc. out of earshot from women and they will tell you that they have. It’s one of those guy codes that guys have that say we must talk about pussy every chance we get.

When you listen to the conversation, Trump had an audience of one, Billy Bush. Was Billy agreeing with Trump? Was Billy offended by what Trump was saying? Was Billy culpable right along with Trump? And since this was eleven years ago, who leaked the audio to the Washington Post? And while Hillary Clinton must be enjoying this latest Trump bump, she shouldn’t gloat too much after all, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing any stones. After all, if they wish to dig up an eleven year old audio on Trump, then the media has the right to rehash Bill Clinton’s list of past infidelities that rivals Tiger Woods.

Watching these men who host the morning talk shows or the politicians who are ringing their hands over the latest Donald Trump conversation starter is lie watching them chew on their tongues because none of them are asking the right question, have you ever said similar things at any given time in your adolescence or adult careers? If they say no, they are lying.

At around the same time Trump said about grabbing pussy, I just happen to be sitting around so really old men in their late 80’s and early 90’s. I kid you not but these old men were sitting around talking about pussy. They were talking about some woman and how old she’s gotten. You had to look over at them and wonder if they’ve seen a mirror? Are we hard wired in assessing a woman worthiness? I’ve listened to teenage boys discuss girls in such a way that you have to wonder if that generation was suppose to be the more enlighten and sensitive generation but to be fair and maybe skewed, these were football players.

What Donald Trump said was juvenile. But what he said was no different that what many men have said about women before. Some of these men who are complaining should come off that high horse and admit that we have a culture with men about issues with women. It’s no different that what is now referred to as fat shaming and slut shaming that’s going on. We have gotten so politically correct that no jokes about anything can be said about anything without someone being offended. Let’s get real, when you see a fat person your first thought is, hey that’s a fat person. It’s the human thing to do. And somewhere in the mix is the questions about how much they weigh, are they trying to lose the weight, are there any health problems? Rosie O’Donnell had a heart attack and had to monitor her weight. Donald calling her a pig was wrong but they have an adversarial relationship.

So, before we gather around the town crier and start advocating burning Donald Trump at the stake, go ask your husband, significant other, teenage son if they’ve ever heard conversations like the one Donald Trump had with Billy Bush. And stop being woefully naive about these situations. You do know that there is porn out there and it’s relatively available with just a click away and they are having these same conversation with women talking about grabbing pussy too. Let the hypocrisy bandwagon roll on through, everybody get on board, just keep the mirrors away from your faces.