Bobbie- a couple of factual corrections: first, the song is mistakenly called I Don’t Know “Your”…
Gerry Schwartz

When I used the word “was”, it was not an indicator of life status to Donovan rather it had more to do with his current status as a performing singer. Yes, I know that he is still alive and well. He has been well below the radar in the U.S. market for decades now and has done some revival concerts in the U.K. back in the 90’s. For a particular generation who are not familiar with him, googling him and his body of work to find out more and where he stood in the annals of 60’s music. One of his children, Ione Skye, should be familiar to some as she has acted in a few films. And for Gossip Girl, Grace’s fan base has exploded exponentially and was addressed to that segment of her new fan base who discovered her amazing talent on AGT. Her core fan base is the exception to the rule.

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