Why did I cancelled my membership?

Well, quite frankly, I was beginning to feel like my contributions were meaningless at this point. There was this air of exclusion and that only certain writers were recognized at the expense of others. When I originally sign up with Medium, the theme of the site was that this was a platform for writers to be expressive in their thoughts and opinions. This formula, on the surface, seemed like a happy fit to any of the writers who signed up. I was on board at the very beginning. Now comes along this paid membership and many questioned the veracity of the declaration as did I. But I took a chance to see if there would be any improvements or change of direction and I was hopeful. A few weeks into to this membership and I find that this membership only caters to some and not all. It seems as if some of us writers are not worthy of contributing anything that, for some. may not have a significant following to warrant some status hierarchy. As the days moved forward and the emails I received regarding membership status, I found that I missed the cut on this rather questionable exclusivity when it came to being a contributing writer. You accept the money but not the writer is what I took from that. For $5 a month I didn’t see anything wrong with that but then I saw my bank account and you had two withdrawals in the same month and I questioned that transaction. The previous month was only one payment made as noted in your declaration but now I’m seeing the two payments made without any justification. That became the camel’s straw, so to speak.

for me, Medium was working fine but this membership program has the elements of fog and shadows, you just don’t know what you’re looking at. I could no longer be a part of a membership that rings hollow and has the perception of cultural alienation. I’ve read many of the post in the beginning of this membership and there was ambivalence with many about the inner workings of this program. Many were skeptics but chose to risk becoming a part of this process with the caveat of cancelling it if it didn’t live up to what ever this is. I’m not sure about the course in which Medium is taking. Your latest email is touting a lot of self-help articles that you are pushing for subscribers to read. You do what you can to drive people to these articles but there are other topics that have yet to be explored and given an opportunity to shine,

I will continue to write my kind of stories and poems and maybe get back that spirit that compels me to write without some specter of an entity hovering over me acting as judge, jury and executioner over the content. I thank you for your time on this matter.


Bobbie L. Washington

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