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Wow, Dude! Where did you hear that Trump will undo eight years of civil rights progress? You want to layout this propaganda that’s been regurgitated so many times that you and others have bought have seriously drank to Kool-aid, the sizzurp, or any other concoction that has warped your way of thinking. I’ve watched the liberal arm of the media on election night and it was nothing short of fear mongering that has led to much of the insane protesting on the streets just because a flawed candidate lost a political campaign. And in none of these conversations on the liberal side is anyone placing the fault of Hillary Clinton’s loss squarely at her feet because it was her election to lose which she did resoundingly. And stop complaining about the electoral college. This system has been in place for years. Just because your side lost doesn’t mean that it must be jettison just so your candidate can squeeze out a victory. It’s the same weak argument after the O.J. verdict when he got his kids after being acquitted on murder charges. People wanted to change the rules so he couldn’t get them. You may not have liked it but he was within his rights. Donald Trump followed the rules. And if you really want to talk about rigging the system, look no further than with the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Here was an organization that conspired and colluded to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination and had early on anointed Hillary Clinton as the presumptive nominee before any of the votes were counted. And when Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was forced to step down, that replace her with an even more corrupt person, Donna Brazille who handed off the CNN debate questions to the Clinton campaign that gave her ample time to prepare for the questions. The Clinton campaign made the same mistakes as it did when she ran against Barack Obama. She had a sense of hubris and entitlement and elitism. Just look at all the celebrities she took selfies with, it was maddening. Donald Trump tapped into the everyday man and woman. He had no celebrities with him at his rallies. The post analysis isn’t over as yet. Was is clear that many of Clinton’s supporters is failing to see is that she wasn’t the woman that would make history. And you have to accept the fact that this was an open election held fair and honest. If America wanted to elect a female as president, it was not this female.