Owning Our Shit
Adrian J Anchondo

You’ve admitted that you don’t know what a server is. And yet you wrote this article on some type of electronic device connected to the Internet. So that tells me that you are uninformed and that reflects in your ranting on the issues of this past election. You’ve cookie cut worn out arguments from the Democratic Party playbook. You’ve parroted the same rhetoric that has failed to stick to the wall in the post analysis of Hillary Clinton’s monumental loss to Donald Trump. You’ve failed to look back on her last run in her loss to Barack Obama to see that her failure in that bid was no different in this latest bid. Your rants had no basis other than it was sophomoric and juvenile. Cursing at your prospective audience only works if you’re Dave Chappelle or the late George Carlin, otherwise, you’re just insulting them. You’ve tremendously failed to make a salient point other than just bemoan the fact that your candidate lost. You’ve failed to mention that politics on it’s face has changed thanks to Bill Clinton. Why? Because it was he who introduced the general public of him getting a blowjob from an intern where we heard about semen on the blue dress and using a cigar to penetrate her. So, Trump’s “grabbing them by the pussy” comment didn’t carry much impact on the populous so thank you Bill Clinton for having an intern “suck your dick” as you so eloquently stated. You wrote an article that is littered with potholes and landmines and judging by the reaction, you’ve lost the battle on defending a candidate assumed she would win but lost due to hubris, privilege, taking things for granted, assuming the women’s vote based on her gender, DNC manipulation, an abundance of political money but the people chose the other guy.

I’m neither Democrat or Republican.

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