Time Tracking Software & Android App with Screenshots

SCREENish Time tracking with Screenshots (you can switch them off) runs as software on your desktop or as a mobile app making it easy to track time, screenshots, activity levels, programs used even more. Once the time is tracked you can view exactly how time was spent, pay employees using our prefilled payrolls, see in-depth reporting and much more.

Time Tracker & Employee Monitoring with Screenshots and Activity Levels

We provide simple but effective employee time tracking software for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook and Android. Our lightweight desktop timers take screenshots, measure activity levels and record used programs so you can monitor your remote employees.

SCREENish time tracking allows contractors to track time to individual projects (unlimited projects allowed). Clients can log in to see how much time has been spent on their projects, who is currently working on them, and their activity levels or screenshots.

Monitor employee website visits while time tracking

We get not only screenshots and list of programs, but also we keep record of all visited websites while recording time, as long as the time spent at every single website. This data will help you find out where most productive team members spend their time, and where the less productive ones are wasting it.

Cut Waste in Your Company

It is dificult to find a tool to measure employee productivity and find which team members are truly effective. SCREENish time tracking with screenshots will help you to discover who are your A-players. How’s that for an advantage? It’s your money, spend it on people that are producing killer results.

Your Remote Team Dashboard

Having too much employees working on different platforms, websites, parts of the world? Different time zones? Keeping track of all of them is not an easy job. Well, not anymore! SCREENish time tracking with screenshots lets you see your whole team in one place so you can get the information you need for a less than a minute.

Screenish is more than a time tracking software with screenshots.



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