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“This is not a story that ends well, this is a story that ends very very badly!” — Brent Johnson on the Dollar Milkshake Theory.

Exactly a year back, the CEO at Santiago Capital premiered with Real Vision to talk about the global economy crisis that he could foresee. In the interview he mentioned how a global currency crisis would happen really soon, which would strengthen the US Dollar leaving all other currencies, stocks and equities at a backlash.

Today, we are the witness to one such big economy crisis that has created a turmoil all around the world…

21 August 2019

“You use your money to buy privacy, because during most of your life you aren’t allowed to be normal.” — Johnny Depp, American Actor.

Who knows the real importance of privacy, other than celebrities, politicians and idealists? Every individual on this planet has a private space, which he/ she doesn’t want to share. Privacy in simple terms means its a “No Man’s Land”.

So, why can’t we keep our money and the way we want to use it, private? Of Course, questions might arise about various laws, regulations that every country and its citizens have to abide…

02 August 2019

“Technology divides only to strengthen itself and build wider opportunities for the newer generations.”- Rashi Aggarwal

Ever since the emergence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, we have seen the numbers of these digital currencies growing enormously. From just one to now a few thousand currencies, the numbers are multiplying each day.

All of us know the economic theory, of Supply & Demand, and what we might expect in the upcoming Litecoin Halving may be similar. …


“Judgements, decisions, law enforcement are like a thread to a needle. You need them to sew dismantled things and put them together for further use.”- Rashi Aggarwal

But does Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency actually require amendments to make them legal for people to use?

It is quite weird to see countries, governments, and courts playing such a vital role for pushing out laws to hold, use, trade a currency which doesn’t even exist in the physical world. Nobody ever knew that a virtual currency can make the entire globe revolve with a world of decisions.

Supporters, opponents, advisers, and…

An overview on Bitcoin as a long term investment option.

“A new beginning is the start of a new chapter. A new chapter is the beginning of a story. A story is a history in the making!”- Rashi Aggarwal

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Bitcoin. An electronic payment protocol system. A digital currency. A decentralised currency. A peer to peer system of transferring money. A currency not backed by the government or the bank. Digital Gold.

Bitcoin doesn’t only stand for a digital asset, but also gives meaning to the everlasting digital asset community. …

“The only way to control chaos and complexity is to give up some of that control”- Gyan Nagpal, Talent Economics: The Fine Line Between Winning and Losing the Global War for Talent

The above statement partially defines the term “Decentralization”.

A peer-to-peer interaction network, that is not managed by a single (central)/ third party is Decentralization.

Currently, decentralization is one of the most plugged topic in the sector. These platforms are secured and allow more privacy than centralized exchanges.

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As we have known “Centralization” or “Centralized Exchanges”, are platforms where any and every transaction is entitled to go through a…

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