Be Yourself
Joel Mwakasege

My Dear Fellow Writer,

It is wonderful and amazing that you have such talent at expressing your incredible insights. It is most unfortunate that you make your expression look cheap and unimportant by misusing such simple words as ‘your’ and ‘you’re’.

May I offer a little advice? Any word that ends in ’re such as you’re, or they’re, or we’re, is only a shortened form of two words. In the cases above, the full form would be, ‘you are,’ ‘they are,’ and ‘we are’. Whenever you use that shortened form which has ’er at the end just replace the word with the two words that it represents and see if your sentence still makes sense.

EXAMPLE: (From your item above)

You wrote: “You’re time will come”. If you read that using the two words “You are”, you will see how odd it sounds. Obviously not right. You didn’t intend to say, “You are time will come”. You intended to say, “Your time will come”.

Please work hard on your grammar and spelling; what you have to say is too important for it to be overlooked because of a lack of the basic skills of written communication. As an editor myself, I know that such skills will also be very valuable to you when editing.

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