The concept of creativity

Ideas are an interesting concept on their own. They come. They stay. They go. But how is it possible that some people come up with ideas that nobody else thought of?

Brilliant people are only seen as brilliant, after they produce something meaningful and show their perspective on the world.

Creating something valuable is most of the time just try and error. It feels unsatisfying until the point is reached where the results meets our desired expectations.

We tend to think that creativity is a gift which some people have and some don’t. But at the end of the day, creativity is just a way of problem solving.

When I’m trying to create something, it never feels that those ideas are really mine. It’s more of a copy from a thing that I saw in the past. Until I look at the result and realise, that this creation is literally a copy of a thing that I saw about 5 mins ago.

This happens because my mind is trying to solve a problem, where it already knows a solution for.

Sometimes it’s tricky to differentiate between your own ideas and a connections within your memory. And that’s where the magic of creativity is coming from.

Creative people are trained to connect dots on a blank page.

This thought won’t let me go. The idea, that some people see what others don’t, inspires me.

We are all shaped by impressions, our environment, and events of our past. The way we think and tackle problems is determined by our perspective on the world.

Creative people are able to combine their impressions and perspective with a set of rules, to create something new.

Rules can be learned. But the impressions are unique to every person. Every one sees the world through different eyes.

That’s why every person produces a different result on a given task.

When I ask you to draw an owl in a coffeeshop with a hat on the table. I guarantee that your picture would look different from mine in every possible way — Except that there is an owl in the picture.

If you’re an art student, then your picture will probably look better than mine. But in the end it’s the creative process that drove you to that result.

While writing this article, I came up with a way to explain my perspective on the creative process in a more visual way.

I always thought about the creative process as a fixed route to success. The truth is: it’s more of navigating in an unknown city.

You can learn the rules, to interpret those signs but your decisions will lead the way. A guide can show you his own way and tell you his experience with that part of the city. But you are going to use your own experience to navigate in a different one.

This perspective on the world is my personal opinion. Thank you for your attention.