Replacing my pocket notebook

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I can’t trust my memory much these days.

Back in college when professors were dropping assignments on the fly, I used to lack behind so much — a post on the class discussion forum the next day and a pop-quiz the following week. Remember to cover a particular concept covered by the professor in our project report. Oh, and don’t forget to fill in the class participation form due in an hour.

For every class that throws five to-dos, I probably walk out remembering only two.

Academics weren’t the only aspects that I should be noting down things on. When…

Let’s first start with two

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Well hello there, Medium. It has been a full four months since my last article here. Priorities shifted as I started on my new job but I soon realized that I was losing structure in my daily routine. Turning to self-help books was intuitively my next step and I finally decided to pick up the highly recommended book — Atomic Habits

It’s not just a book, it can actually my bible.

Okay, I’m exaggerating. But in all honesty, Atomic Habits is enlightening me in many aspects and a great guide for anyone looking to weave habits into their daily life…

The $50K university education in IT was worth it

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When someone claims that they taught themselves programming these days, people no longer bat an eye. Similarly, individuals who went through programming boot camps for their jobs aren’t necessarily inferior to those with an IT-related degree.

Does this mean that degrees are no longer a prerequisite for hiring? What’s the value of an IT degree then?

As a recent IT graduate looking back on my university education, I realized that there are aspects that could have been self-explored. …

Maybe I wasn’t quite hiding behind the shutter

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Ask any of my childhood friends about how I was like when I was younger and they would probably tell you there’s only one word that best describes me. Shy.

Okay well, Introvert will be another.

I was never the student that raises her hands enthusiastically wanting to answer a question in class. I avoid eye contact with strangers and I’m bad with small talk. I took an even longer time to make friends in class.

Remember those days where there were school celebrations and students perform on stage? Yea don’t bother looking out for me, I'm in the audience.

They all say it’s too common

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One of the first troubles a new writer on this platform would have is: What should I write on?

Like a library shelf full packed with books side by side, it seems as though Medium already has all the possible topics written. From love to humor, fantasy to personal recounts, marketing to design, they are overflowing on this platform. It looks like an impossible mission to find a topic that doesn’t have its footprint here. Or to stand out, for that matter.

As a new writer who hardly wrote articles for a living or even for leisure, stepping onto Medium…

It’s no longer a sprint

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It used to be the school bell that signals the end of a class. Ahh, the dismissal bell we always look forward to. Like active kids that can’t sit still for long, my friends and I always look forward to recess. I mean, who doesn’t right? It’s time for something.

Playing catching.

Man those were the times. We were kids who came to school to interact with our friends. In those 30 minutes, we threw away our studious self and run like never before. Carefree is the word to describe our younger days.

It’s your journey of growth

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Just to be clear, I don’t mean replacing your full-time job and starting up on your own business. Or to freelance full-time.

I’m referring to personal projects you do on the sides apart from your main job. Those ideas that are viable as an additional source of income and not to replace your main income stream.

May you ask why bother? Isn’t it tough enough to maintain a work-life balance already?

If we don’t treat it as another dreadful task to do outside of work, we may actually find joy in building up a side hustle or two. …

Four stories and four dollars later

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On May 26, I published my first article. It was a book review entailing some of the main learning points I recorded. And that started off my writing journey on Medium.

I don't think my friends ever associated me with writing. I have been known to pursue photography as a serious hobby a while back. I even had a photography internship stint previously. So why writing now?

You see, I have always been using photos to empower my story. My captions describe my thoughts about a moment in time. About relationships, about tough journeys in life, etc.

Yet, I realised…

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When life came to a standstill

Fifty years down the road, 2020 will be recounted in history as the year of lockdown. COVID-19 has swept across the globe with countries struggling to have better control. Billions of people had their lives disrupted, from the cancellation of travel plans to retrenchment. The nightmare floods on.

As governments urged its citizens to stay at home, one by one, countries went on lockdown. When one month wasn't enough, a second month was needed. Maybe even the third for some countries. After a long battle, we are finally seeing signs of recovery.

The world is slowly healing.

Just as we…


It’s not about the gears.

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“Photography is an expensive hobby.”

The most common statement I have heard about photography. But that didn’t stop me from exploring photography and I don’t want any starters to be hindered by equipment either.

Sure enough, we know of photographers that carry multiple gears when they conduct a photoshoot. They may upgrade their DSLRs now and then, adding the latest lens to their collection and bringing their latest setup around.

As beginners, we look up to professional photographers around us. We emulate the professional works. The scenic landscape with vibrant hues. The candid expressions captured just before it was gone.

Kailyn C.

Technologist and Photographer

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