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Have you ever ran a tabletop campaign of “Dungeons & Dragons” or “Monster of the Week” with your friends? Ever got lost in hours of good times spent board gaming in the untapped lands of “Catan” or the spooky hallways of “Betrayal at House on the Hill”? Or perhaps you are more of the creative type and you just enjoy miniature building and customization? If any of that resonates with you than you are in the right place.

From the mind of SCRIBBLE WARLOCK comes an idea many years in the making. BOARD BEINGS is a modular gaming system centered around both digital and printable collectible figures and characters. These figital figurines are to be used as the player sees fit. This could be as tokens in already existing games such as table top rpgs or chess, they could be used to play the official BOARD BEINGS games or community made projects, or they can act as pristine collectibles on display in both the real and virtual worlds.

There are lot of steps to go from scribbles of cute characters to a fully developed dapp where users can customize their dream avatars and play a whole slew of games with other members of the community. So before we get ahead of ourselves let’s start with the art. To properly introduce the art direction and overall alpha structure of the project there will be a limited free mint titled BOARD FUTURE.

The collection plays with 7 layers of random generation to create completely unique futuristic and robotic BEINGS. There will be various versions of printable pdfs and file types released to holders who would like to explore the potential physical nature of these entities through print and paper craft. There will be a trial and error process alongside feedback to refine structure, compositions, and printables in the official discord . While this alpha collection is static, the point is to move toward the future with dynamic customization where every body part can be replaced in BOARD BEINGS.

The mint will be powered by Avalanche

Where —

When — Tuesday May 30th at 8 PM EST

Size — 200 items including 140 unique body parts and 20 1 of 1 Legendaries

Price — Free / cost of transaction gas

Who — 100 items reserved for PACT OF THE SCRIBBLE holders and 100 items reserved for CAMPFIRE COLLECTOR PASS holders. Limit of 1 per wallet. The snapshot will be taken end of day Friday May 26th




Below is a brief rough outline of what is to come with BOARD BEINGS over the next year. Timing and specifics are subject to change.

  • BOARD FUTURE mint -> printable testing -> artwork refinement
  • Acquire developer help with creating a script that can generate artwork images quickly and automatically into a printable form
  • Release alpha games for play test
  • Acquire developer aid with creating a fully function Dapp for the BOARD BEINGS customization system
  • Fund raising collection to grant early access to the Dapp and unique assets/rewards for this beta testing and founder crew
  • Fully launch BOARD BEINGS
  • Future possibility: explore 3d printing options and alternate file types
  • Future possibility: physical games and items sold and shipped around the US

A backbone idea for this project is Art First. With a focus on art and assets for use by the team and community, the future of the project is moldable by all parties involved. Let’s build something fun and create a whole universe for gamers and collectors to enjoy.



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