Fountain Pen Month — The July 2017 SCRIBEdelivery

Fountain pen month will always hold a special place in our hearts. We love that there’s something more intentional about putting a fountain pen to paper and we wanted to give you exactly what you need to feel that. From writing a letter to a friend, to practicing calligraphy, to creative writing, there’s something exciting about this kit. This month we wanted to bring you some of our favorites. Each item you’ll find in this month’s shipment is tried, tested, and loved.

First up we have the Rhodia N°16 Staplebound Pad. Rhodia is well known in the industry for having some of the best paper for fountain pens. Every part of this notebook is intentional. There is a sheet of sturdy cardboard in the rear cover which gives you a solid writing surface when you’re on the go. The pages are perforated so you can easily remove a sheet without destroying the whole notebook. What’s even better is that the perforation is located clear of the stapled “no write zone” at the top of the page, which means you don’t lose out on any valuable writing space.

The cover is extremely durable and also designed very intentionally. There are strategically placed embossed lines in the cover that make it fit perfectly when folded around the back of the notebook so the cover lays flat. The paper is vellum coated premium 80gsm snow white paper. It’s perfect for fountain pens because it is smooth and less prone to skipping, feather- resistant showthrough-resistant and and bleed-resistant. The paper is also acid-free and pH-neutral — meaning the molecules in the paper won’t break down faster over time. These notebooks are also PEFC-Certified, which means the trees used are harvested from a sustainable forest.

Next, we have the Noodler’s Nib Creaper Flex Fountain Pen. This was the first fountain pen introduced by Noodler’s back in 2010. These are made to be taken apart and adjusted, the feed and nib pull out and can be adjusted until you’ve got the perfect fit for your writing style. There’s a small window that shows how much ink you’ve got left in your pen, so you know when to refill. The nib is flexible which means you can write with differing levels of thickness. If you apply a little pressure when writing, the nib will separate slightly and allow more ink to flow through the nib which gives you a thicker line. It is recommended to give the pen a good flush before use, as there may be residual machining oils from cutting the feeds for these pens.

Last but not least, you’ll find a 3oz bottle of one of our favorite ink colors from Noodler’s Ink! All their ink is hand-crafted and high quality. The ink, bottle, and cap are all made in the USA. Noodler’s ink bottles are partially bleach resistant, water resistant, UV resistant, and is of archival quality. We love how smooth and vibrant this ink is, and we know you will too!

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