A library where a PH student can find different books for her research
A library where a PH student can find different books for her research

When you are planning to enroll in a Ph.D. program, you are probably wondering where to apply, how long the program is, or how to craft your application. We gathered some tips for you to help you make better decisions now that you are almost to embark on this long-run journey called Ph.D.

1.Constantly seek out information about Ph.D. programs

Some undergraduate institutions may offer a guide to Ph.D. programs. One of the suggestions is to actively seek out information from your career center counselors, your professors, current students, and alumni from the department of your desired Ph.D. …

Researcher doing qualitative research in a traditional way
Researcher doing qualitative research in a traditional way

Increasing research productivity has been an essential issue for academics who have been conducting qualitative research for years. In order to shorten the long data collection process, recording the interviews digitally has been beneficial for academics. However, manual transcription of digital audio or video recordings after the data collection process has brought many difficulties. In this post, we will explore one of the transcription services, AI-powered automated transcription, and answer why we should be using it instead of manual transcription.

For academics who care about accuracy, manual transcription may seem more attractive at first glance. But with today’s cutting edge technology, it is possible to transcribe high-quality interview recordings with high accuracy. Especially using platforms that allow you to easily edit possible mistakes within transcriptions provide an easy solution to inaccuracy. …

A workspace at home with a computers and desks
A workspace at home with a computers and desks

Working from home entered our lives with Covid-19. With the fall 2020 term starting so many academics will be conducting research from home, as well as teaching online.

Research shows that working from home affects our academic productivity. Especially the female and early career academics are more affected. Initial analyses suggest that since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, female academics are submitting fewer articles and starting fewer research projects than their male peers.

So what can be done to increase academic productivity while staying at home?

Let’s check these productivity tips:

Share the Housework Equally

House chores take a chunk of time. Especially when you are stuck at home and obsessing over hygiene to fight with a pandemic. Sharing childcare and house chores equally if you are sharing a living space is the best strategy. Doing quarantine with children can be full time work, mostly when the schools and kindergartens are closed. Even in those dual-academic households, the evidence shows that women perform more household labor than men do. Although changing this trend needs actions on many different levels, realizing this at our households, and dividing the chores equally is likely to increase productivity. …



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