Every month, we celebrate the hard work of three talented Script Mother screenwriters with our (FREE!) Scripts of the Month competition. This month, our winners feature everything from bloodthirsty waitresses to Homecoming jitters! So, without further ado, give a round of applause to Michael Kospiah, Vineeth Premanand, and Dan Harris!


“Honey Mustard” by Michael Kospiah

Logline: After being stiffed, an unhinged waitress, hellbent on revenge, torments the customer who didn’t tip her and his surprisingly resourceful family.

We sat down (virtually, of course) with Michael to ask him a little bit about his script and his writing prospects.

What inspired…

In Hollywood‘s current cinematic dystopia, there are no original screenplays. No hope. But all that can change in a heartbeat.

Screenblogging [ skreen-blawg ] (noun)

  1. A form of blog writing that utilizes the art of screenwriting.
  2. Writing articles in screenplay format using dialogue, characters, and storytelling elements.


It’s crowded and loud on a Friday night. At the bar, WE SEE LEON HELVETICA, 27, nursing a fancy glass of dark beer. He looks back and sees his girlfriend, MILDRED MCNAMEY, 25, sitting with two other friends. Mildred raises her eyebrows and gives a look of impatience. Leon rolls his eyes and turns around to meet the bartender, who hands him a fancy cocktail.


Keep it open. Thanks.

Leon walks hurriedly toward…


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