Photo by Roderico Y. Díaz on Unsplash — This reminds me of the times I do `ls /proc` in my terminal.

Fun with file descriptors

At the start of 2018, I wished to learn in general about Linux and Systems Programming. That means, being friends with the Kernel! So, I started reading The Linux Programming Interface. This is the first part of the series of blog posts that I will be writing as I go through the book and unravel the mysteries of Linux.

This post is an attempt to understand some parts of the lesson “File I/O: The Universal I/O Model” from The Linux Programming Interface.

I have heard of the statement that “everything in Linux is a file”. …

It is the end of the year. If you are reading this, I hope that you are doing well or at least hanging in there!

So, how did 2017 go for you?

I am still not sure of how it went for me.

So, what is this post really about?

It’s a counter post for my post earlier this year, which is probably something that I did different this year.

First thing was attempting to write more blog posts.

I think, I did good in this section. I had the chance to write 3 technical write ups and they are

This weekly log is a bit different. Because, I am writing the entire post in the last day of the week. Usually, I write down my logs throughout the week and launch it. But, this time I was very busy with a lot of stuff.

I have been spending a lot of time at work lately. Good thing is, some of the things are open sourced and I could should show you what I was working on.

This page got to my notice few days back. In particular the terms Q4 2017 for iOS builds and Windows Containers. I think…

My 10th weekly log

First day of the week is my birthday. I am going to gift myself the perfect gift.

I opted in for Work from home today. Obviously, I don’t want to celebrate my birthday with random people on BMTC for 2 hours in morning or with random people on ride sharing service with weird songs being played in the background for 2 hours.

I started the day by reading the history of UNIX systems in LPI. What a perfect way to start off the day!

I also had the pleasure of going through some…

A boring 9th weekly log.

I used to use Microsoft Virtual Academy a lot. But haven’t been interested in taking a course on it in the past 2 years. Now, I have a new interest. It’s AWS.

Luckily AWS is having a similar site. I am very excited to start learning from it.

As the result of AWS training, I discovered this wonderful technology called Apache Hadoop. It is used for processing large amount of data. It is organised in a nice way with components such as HDFS ( Hadoop Distributed File System ), YARN etc. …

I had been using Visual Studio (might be 2012 ultimate edition) for side projects and Notepad in college for writing Java (Because we were not allowed to install anything new on college computers). That’s two extremes!

One night, I came across this editor called Sublime Text, which demonstrated a cool new feature on its website that was not present in both of the extremes I have been working with.

It was the one thing that humanity needed “Multiple Cursors”

Multiple Cursors in VS Code

It was a life changer. Editing things in bulk became so easy. …

This is my 8th weekly log.

I got the chance to learn about launchd and launchctl at work. They are responsible for loading and unloading daemons in macOS. If you need any of your programs to be run on background in macOS on startup, take a look at launchd and launchctl.

One of the awesome points I noted in the talk is serving pre-rendered web pages from cache for logged out users. In that way, even if the site goes down, only the login users would notice. …

My 7th weekly log.

I happened to read 2 pages about graphs and I am felt very intrigued about the applications of it and occurrence of it in open source code bases. Of course, I didn’t go deep into this research, but I am gradually entering that lane.

There are databases, where the data is modelled as a graph instead of typical SQL tables and NoSQL documents. Examples for a graph database are Neo4j, cayley, dgraph. All of the three are open sourced. I would like to try using them and model a software with graphs. …

This is my sixth weekly log.

A friend of mine sent me a puzzle question over telegram. It was quite interesting and I tried solving it. It felt like a classic crypto problem.

I am going to gradually switch to a dark theme in everything I use, as I find it more soothing. In fact, I am already typing on a dark interface in medium.

Medium Dark theme ( )

I have been using VS Code for writing Golang for a while. Few months back, I had this feature request.

yay! It’s going to be live on the next VS Code update.

I suffered…

This is my fifth weekly log.

I am going to be travelling a lot this week. In fact, I am already travelling as I type this.

Caution: There is no code in this post and it mostly contains nostalgia. You might easily get bored.

Typing this from National Highway 44. Travelling to my place for attending couple of marriage functions. Fortunately, I got 3.33. It’s a class of public transport buses run by TNSTC. The idea behind it is it will take 3.33 hours for a trip from Bangalore to Salem and vice versa. Fun Fact: 3.33 …

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