Postseason baseball is upon

There’s something refreshing when the calendar moves from September to October. Somehow it’s still shorts weather and the inclusion of wearing a hoodie. Ideally that means no more humid days in New York City but more importantly the baseball’s Fall Classic begins.

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I have two rooting interests in the 2018 playoffs, as a Yankees fan my hopes is that they win the World Series. That’s a yearly hope even though there’s a handful of great teams in the playoffs. I went to Miller Park this year and the Brewers have to lose in the World Series because a weird trend has taken place since 2014.

2014 — I watched the Royals play at Fenway Park- they lost in the World Series

2015- Iwent to Citi Field- the Mets lost in the World Series

2016- I went to Progressive Field- the Indians lost in the World Series

2017- I went to Dodger Stadium- they lost in the World Series

2018- I went to Miller Park….. TBD

I find coincidences interesting even though I doubt this will be a continuing trend… or will it?

I’m still iffy about the Wild Card Game but there’s something exciting about a one game playoff. It forces teams to win their division and avoid being a Wild Card team, which should be the goal in the first place. This year had some unique circumstances.

In the AL- The Yankees won 100 games as a Wild Card team, the Red Sox just had an insane year winning 108 games. The Yankees would’ve won 4 other divisions this year with that record but you have to win the games you’re given. They beat the Oakland A’s to move on and play the hated Red Sox in the ALDS. Which will be interesting, if I’m correct this is the first time these teams play each other in the playoffs since 2004. No need to remind the Yankee fan base what took place that year.

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The NL was insane: 2 out of the 3 divisions were tied after 162 games so baseball fans got to experience two game 163’s in one day. The Cubs and Brewers tied for the best record in the league which meant the loser would have to play in the Wild Card game. The Dodgers took care of the Rockies to win the NL West. The Brewers won home field advantage by taking down the Cubs and continuing the Tony “curse”. The Rockies beat the Cubs in a 13 inning game that I feel asleep in the top of the 10th.

The Rockies played 3 games in 3 days in 3 different time zones (Sunday in Denver, Monday in LA and Tuesday in Chicago). Honestly I was rooting for the Rockies to win the division because that would’ve meant a Rockies and Brewers NLCS. Instead that will take place in the NLDS. I like the Rockies offense especially Charlie Blackmon, I think it’s the beard. The bullpen has been just as good as the Brewers. Both teams are the two hottest teams in the National League especially MVP candidate Christian Yelich. I do hope this series goes 5 games because it looks like it can be an entertaining one.

There’s 2 teams that are flying under the radar this postseason: The Braves and the Indians. I think each team was the first team to clinch their division in each respective league so they’ve been setting up their postseason roster and rotation for the past couple of weeks.

The Braves play the Dodgers who obviously lost in the World Series last year. It’s the experienced team versus the young team that peaked earlier than expected. I don’t have a rooting interest here but I’m curious how the Braves will perform, they have less expectations than the Dodgers who made a bunch of trades this year to get back to the World Series. For the Dodgers losing in the NLDS isn’t an option, so I’d assume they’ll make it through.

After that I’m just going to root for the Brew Crew to make it to the World Series because I need to keep my superstitions alive. Both lineups are stacked but I’ll trust Milwaukee’s bullpen over the Dodgers starters and bullpen. Crazier things have happened but these aren’t analytical picks, just what I’d like to see happen.

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As a Yankees fan it would make sense that I root for them to take down the Red Sox. Boston had an impressive season and that rotation has been exceptional but at the same time their rotation hasn’t been that great in the playoffs. I’m going to used that biased data to make my decision here.

The Indians and Astros have stacked rotations and I’m curious to see how long their starters will stay on the mound before it it becomes a game of bullpens. Just because the Indians won 12 games less than Houston doesn’t make them less of a threat. I just think the Astros lineup combined with their pitching is going to be difficult to take down.

That means if all goes according to plan, the Yankees and Astros have a rematch of last years ALCS. The Yankees added some amazing rookies in Andujar and Torres and let’s not forget that big bat of Giancarlo Stanton. J.A. Happ was a huge help for the Yankees in the second half. The Astros already had 4 amazing pitchers for them last year and they added Gerrit Cole. I would’ve said that’s not fair but I’m a Yankees fan. The Astros missed some of their All Stars throughout the year and found a way to win 103 games. If this rematch happens again it would be just a punch in the stomach if the Yankees don’t win especially after going 7 games last year.

I don’t want to make that decision but either way in order for my weird pattern to continue I’ll be rooting for whoever represents the AL to defeat the Brewers. IF the Red Sox make the World Series, I can’t be rooting for a rival to add another World Series title.

Here’s hoping for another entertaining Fall Classic.