Good clean fun is a hardcore punk band from Washington, DC, which got its name from the song of the descendants of the same name.
Formed in 1997, the band self-irony is used to spread his message of veganism, straight edge, feminism and optimism. His main influence of New York straight edge band Gorilla Biscuits. Other influences include 7 seconds as Minor Threat and young people today.

The group recorded three albums before parting in 2002, saying that “his mission was accomplished, and what they have achieved their goals.” At the same time, just as predicted in his song “I can not wait”, they released a compilation of his career, positively positive 1997–2002 on equal Vision. The band continued with a joke, touring ‘’ reunion in 2004, CSG has released a new record in January 2006 under the name between Christian rock and hard place in the new Equal Vision. In Europe, their material is released Reflections Records. The new album was supported by a total of tours in Europe and the United States. In December 2006, the band announced that they will release a compilation of rarities called Panda and Tiger Slam, and will include a compilation of tracks from the print 7 “’s, and some songs are not available on any album.

The Group received the following Internet, in particular, after they released “The MySpace song,” which is a parody of a ballad about a girl who leaves her boyfriend for someone he met on MySpace, with lyrics like “I know how emo feel , “and” I know that I’m an adult / But Tom is your fault / You created a monster “

In late summer 2009, the band held a full-length film called Good Clean Fun: film based on a script written Diao. Filming began in November 2007.

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