Heroin Users Help Us See Photos Of Addiction Differently
Aaron Goodman

Another story about junkies. I get it.

Aren’t there enough stories about junkies? From Panic in Needle Park to these photos. It’s as if there aren’t any other drugs out there being misused. I get you wanted to highlight the heroin assisted treatment program, but I think there could have been better ways to do it. Seems to me this is another underbelly of the beast sensationalist piece.

And why heroin? Why not alcoholics? Is that not glamorous enough? Is some guy passed out over a picnic table not photogenic?

This, to me, is like slowing down as you drive past a car accident. It’s awful, but no body really gives a fuck and they’ll all turn back to The Voice when they’re done. I find it offensive as fuck.

Full disclosure. I’m 26 years clean and sober.

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