【2019】Monthly Project Report in September 2019

Oct 2, 2019 · 5 min read

SCRY Protocol Layer Development

1. Optimize and iterate IndexedDB database structure

2. Construct the classification information : One class classification data automation ID in SCRY protocol layer

3. Reorganize the data set auxiliary tree model through SCRY tree based on Hoeffding Bound

4. Optimize the IM event system

5. Classify the machine learning of SCRY data model and construct SCRY bag of words

6. Modify the event notification of the arbitrator and verifier

7. Organize the overall working mechanism of the nonce tracker

8. Check the bug which is no event notification after on-chain

9. Update synchronously the smart contract ABI information

10. Optimize and iterate the event function (publish, purchase, apply for the verification, being the verifier, apply for the arbitration, notify the arbitration, all notifications of successful purchase)

11. Draw the timing diagram of nonce tracker and optimize the synchronization mechanism and burst logic

12. Optimize the logic of the user to obtain the nonce and the related object relationship

13. Reorganize the nonce tracker monitoring and service function module


1. Optimize the underlying chain code and adjust the test on SCRY bottom chain

2. Import the third-party commercial market data interface testing in the wallet

3. Select the certification information from the certification file on the page.

4 .Complete the display page of the certification

5. Write the backup wallet and transaction detail interface

6. Write about the interface of the encrypted wallet and optimize the project code

7. Write the test tool and adjust the loading wallet interface

8. Write the demo, realize js to call flutter layer and password bullet box, scan the QR function, transfer the parameter

9. Optimize the display style cross-border problem of the different model

10. Add the generation process of the test wallet

11. Discuss the realization scheme of the code structure, wallet, chain and token relationship

12. Modify the database design, allowing one mnemonic to be used multiple times

13. Realize independent data of various types of chains

14. Modify the Wallet interface return data type

15. Try to use the rust and btc nodes to establish p2p connection

16. Realize the signature page after scanning the authorized QR code

17. Realize the on-chain process page

18. Verify and save the wallet interface

19. Verify and create the wallet process interface and optimize the project code

20. Verify and switch the current wallet, modify the wallet name interface

21. Display the wallet list in the sidebar

22. Change the interface definition return format

23. Verify to delete the wallet and reset the password

24. Verify the different model adaptation problem

25. Modify the JNI dynamic library to load the wallet

26. Improve the mnemonic exportation and wallet deletion function

27. Research and realize the scheme to call the smart contract without the cost

28. Add the color notification while authorizing or deauthorizing

29. Realize scanning the code to confirm the signature and generate the QR code

30. Optimize the loading logic while entering the home page

31. Solve the problem that the js and css files fail when the dapp loads the page

Operation & Marketing

1. SCRY.INFO Mooncake Festival was successfully concluded. Thousands of community fans have participated in 99 community-specific mooncake gift boxes and received different feedback from community supporters.

2. SCRY develops strategic cooperation with SynoPay — the largest digital payment platform in the United States

On the evening of September 26th, SCRY.INFO signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SynoPay, the largest digital payment platform in the United States. Based on their existing cooperation, both sides will launch multi-level and multi-field strategic cooperation to jointly promote development of digital economy/payments and other fields. The strategic cooperation involves two aspects: technical cooperation and resource cooperation.

3. SCRY CEO led SCRY team to visit the International Bank of Chicago, USA

4. SCRY has visited the US Pacific Global Bank

5. SCRY has met with GMS in the United States to discuss the application of blockchain technology

6. SCRY has met with JP Morgan Bank Credit Business Unit

7. SCRY has participated in the United Nations World Bank Blockchain Technology Sharing Conference

8. SCRY has participated in the sustainability conference of the Ban Ki-moon Foundation in Seoul

9. SCRY has participated in the closed meeting of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

10. SCRY.INFO TikTok official account is online which would introduce the blockchain and broadcast the latest SCRY activities for everyone. Welcome to add the TikTok account of SCRY.INFO!

SCRY Knowledge Seminar

In September, we conducted a total of four knowledge sharing and testing in the study group which received many positive feedbacks from the community. SCRY blockchain study group is the welfare community for the enthusiasts of the blockchain and SCRY. Please add the official account of a little fox (scryinfo)for registration.

1. SCRY knowledge seminar 5: This is what the blockchain should look like

The block consists of two parts: the head and the body. The block header includes the hash (Hash Used), time stamp, difficulty, The Target, The Nonce and Merkle Root. The block body contains the specific transaction data and the transaction number which determines the Merkle root in the block header.

2. SCRY knowledge sharing seminar 6: cryptography

Human exploration of encryption algorithms has never stopped, either because of art, military politics, or business needs. Based on these points, encryption algorithms can develop rapidly. Quantum communication is also named as the quantum encryption algorithm. It is like the charming star to attract us. How does it affect us in the future? Let us wait and see.

3. SCRY knowledge classroom lecture 7: decentralized finance DeFi

DeFi is Decentralized Finance and FinTech is a composite of Finance Technology. Hosted by Hitachi at the end of March 2019, SCRY.INFO was as the technology supporter to jointly host the financial technology hackathon with Hitachi.

4. SCRY knowledge sharing seminar 8: when the blockchain meet 5G

5G technology and blockchain technology are mutually reinforcing. 5G technology provides support for the highly efficient digital economy and blockchain technology provides the security and trust for the digital economy. The combination of 5G and blockchain would promote the development of automated driving, IoT agriculture, smart cities, digital society and other fields.

SCRY Community

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