Scry City would participate in the TGS 2019
Sep 11, 2019 · 2 min read

On September 12–15, 2019, the Tokyo Game Show would be held at the Chiba Makuhari International Exhibition Center in Japan. Scry City would participate in the event to showcase the attractiveness of blockchain games to gamers from all over the world.

The Tokyo Game Show is hosted by the Japan Electronic Entertainment Association and has been held for 20 years since 1996. It is also known as the world’s three major game shows with the E3 Electronic Entertainment Exhibition in the United States and the Cologne Game Show in Germany. Not only in the Asian region, but it also has a huge influence on the world of electronic entertainment. More than 600 exhibitors in the Tokyo Game Show for last year has attracted nearly 300,000 people from all over the world. It is the grand event for game lovers in the world and a stage for major game makers to launch new works.

Every year, the Tokyo Game Show would have a different theme. The theme of TGS 2019 is “One World, Infinite Joy”, which prefers to express those friends can share happiness throughout the game and strengthen friends connections. The value of the game is pursuing more interesting possibilities

As the rapid development of technology, the possibility of combining new technologies with games is getting more and more attention. This Tokyo Game Show has paid special attention to the possibility of applying emerging technologies, such as 5G, artificial intelligence and blockchain to the game field. Various special events would be organized around these new technologies. The transparency of the blockchain and the decentralization feature bring more imagination to the game. The application of the blockchain to ensure ownership of the player’s virtual property would revolutionize the gaming arena. As the first game based on SCRY protocol layer, Scry City would maximize these features of blockchain technology to apply in the gaming field. In addition, Scry City is the world’s first blockchain game that uses real data smart contract. Based on the real data, we have built a virtual blockchain world with the completed economic system parallel to the real world.

SCRY.INFO is looking forward to communicating with the traditional game field in this event. SCRY.INFO hopes to show the new world of blockchain game to game lovers. It is believed that Scry City would become a different scenery in the TGS 2019.