SCRY.INFO International project latest progress

2017/9/1 Completed functions

SCRY.INFO International project latest progress by September 1st, 2017

Smart Contract:

Data models mentioned in the Whitepaper, including:

Saving data title, options and result, etc.

Initiative data supply:data supplier initiatively input data

Entrusted data supply:data writers input data to data requester initiated data request

Data Notary:notarize the supplied data in initiative data supply and entrusted data supply

Query of notary result (scryInfo & scryServer):

scryInfo(currently using nodejs, mainly run in the user client like dapp, pc) :

1. Packed someweb3 functions as basic functions of scryInfo, including:

Local eth account creating

Connect remote proxy node, proceed eth transaction operation

Connect remote proxy node, proceed specified contract publish

l Connect remote proxy node, proceed specified contract collect

Connect remote proxy node, proceed specified contract operation, including call and sendtransaction calls (gas free) and other calls which require gas

Other basic functions such as identifying an asynchronous query loop specified transactionHash is mined or not

2. Senior functions packed specially for scryInfo, including:

scry protocol service:an abstract layer serves specially for all contract models, call initiator acquires corresponding specific protocol mainly through service. Add customized model through file configuration is allowed (make expansion convenient for future 3rd party developers) .

scry protocol: a specific model calls corresponding contract to run corresponding functions and return the statuses. For end user will have the result with one click, each step returned statuses will display as progress.

scry db factory: an abstract data (not the data in contract) operation layer, mainly use to:

i. pack read/write operations to ipfs

ii. a simple sql parse (supports few commands)

iii. a simple saving structure similar to table (contents actually save on ipfs)

iv. using sql to operate table to save, easier for business development where it is applied

scry auto service(local): a (local) automation related function processing service infrastructure. It’s a base for future automation service, like sending notice in dapp.

3. pack and launch in npm, so that scryInfo can be easily installed and operated as a module in nodejs.


A free open-source commercial service provided by x-cener server. Currently using nodejs to implement an automation service running on x-cener server. Using this service is not a must, but in order to provide better user experience in scryInfo, and base on your in x-cener, we strongly suggest that you choose this service. The main purpose is:

1. expand scryInfo automation ability to provide better user experience to end users.

2. the using of this service will explain to user in scryInfo dapp as notice

3. this service requires user uploading encryption key

4. this service will never intiatively let our your encryption key

Currently, scryServer has mainly realized automation implementation of functions like Authentication in Certification agreement based Swarm Intelligence which contain multiple operations (because scryInfo will not stay operating on client dapp).

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