SCRY participates in WIC 2018,blockchain draws world’s attention

The 5th World Internet Conference, co-sponsored by the National Internet Information Office and the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government, was held in Wuzhen on 7th November 2018. With the theme of “creating a digital world for mutual trust and collective governance — toward a community with a shared future in cyberspace”, WIC 2018 focuses on the latest development trends in the world’s Internet, as well as new Internet achievements, new technologies, and new applications worldwide. At Light of Internet Expo, more than 430 Chinese and foreign Internet companies including Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Huawei and Amazon have appeared in various pavilions and launch events, SCRY.INFO and other more than 80 overseas companies from 25 countries and regions are also among them.

The theme of WIC 2018 is more focused and the design is more innovative, concentrating on artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, network security, digital silk roads, and blockchain and other hot topics. Chinese president Xi Jinping pointed out in the opening ceremony that the world is going through a broader and deeper science and technology revolution and industrial transformation. Information technologies such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence have continuously made breakthroughs, the digital economy is booming and the interests of all countries are more closely linked. We should speed up the development of the digital economy and promote the global internet governance system to advance in a just and more reasonable way, so as to inject new impetus to the world economy.

Blockchain, as an emerging Internet technology listed in the “13th Five-Year National Informationization Plan” issued by the State Council, has been concerned and discussed by the public in recent years and is also a key issue of WIC 2018. Many excellent teams have demonstrated the specific application scenarios and results of blockchain in traceability, insurance, housing, and medical care. Under the efforts of the team, Scry’s self-developed blockchain products are continuously optimized and updated based on real data and payment, improving practicality and highlighting safety performance; it would launch to global public at the best time. Blockchain technology would gain more attention in this worldwide Internet event, giving more opportunities to projects focusing on blockchain technology, such as SCRY.INFO. As one of the exhibitors of WIC 2018, also the exhibitor invited by WIC 2017, SCRY.INFO has been continuously improving. Based on the blockchain + data concept of the exhibition last year, SCRY.INFO has brought Scry Cashbox,SCRY data depot platform and other Self-developed products demonstrated at the main center for the Expo, showing audiences and guests from many countries how to apply SCRY underlying protocol to improve the value and security of enterprise data and various possibilities of building blockchain application based on SCRY bottom layer.

“WIC 2018 is a good platform for SCRY.INFO to show itself, especially in the time dimension of the continuous development of blockchain technology and the continuous expansion of the market. Participating in the conference is a good opportunity for SCRY.INFO to expand popularity. WIC 2018 attracts potential followers and partners from different countries which enable to builds the foundation for SCRY product publicity.” SCRY.INFO team said. It expects SCRY.INFO to bring more progress.