Why the SCRY blockchain is needed in the non-standard components field

Sep 10, 2019 · 4 min read

Non-standard components are proposed relative to standardized components. Non-standard components are non-scale production, with relatively single functions and limited product adaptation, mainly for specific products; The non-standard components/equipment industry has a lot to do with the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry. From another perspective, the rapid development of non-standard components/industries is the product of the development of science and technology.

China is a large labor force, and its huge manufacturing force is subject to a variety of non-standard components orders in the world. In recent years, with the increase in labor costs, more and more enterprises are paying attention to the field of industrial automation equipment components, especially non-standard automation components/equipment fields. Luo Baihui, vice president of Dongguan Robotics Association, once said that according to the specific conditions of different enterprises, the demand for non-standard automation accounts is increasing year by year, the non-standard components/equipment market will grow rapidly, and the application depth of the product industry is constantly strengthening.

Non-standard automated components/equipment are not as simple and controllable as large-scale production as traditional standardized equipment. In fact, various technical and production problems are encountered in the development of non-standard components. First of all, non-standard components and equipment are not subject to standard, but tailor-made equipment according to the company’s production status. From discussion to production to acceptance, it will take several months to a year,It may cause a serious imbalance between input and return, so large companies are generally reluctant to do such customized production. At the same time, because it is a customized product, it may face the problem of high supply of consumables but not meeting the requirements of the demand side.Moreover, the non-standard components industry has no formed organizations such as associations, and the companies are relatively excluded. Peers cannot cooperate with each other to solve problems and lack trust. The quality of the enterprises is uneven, from upstream to suppliers to downstream enterprises. The entire supply chain is opaque, affecting the rapid and healthy development of the entire non-standard components production industry. The industry needs an emerging technology to transform itself, gradually solve the problems of various aspects, improve efficiency, make non-standard components production more efficient, and improve the economic benefits of the entire industry.

Blockchain is a digital, decentralized distributed ledger; it provides an innovative way to collectively/organize records, share and maintain information. It has built-in pre-agreed technical and business logic standards that are synchronized by a peer-to-peer mechanism and pre-agreed consistency algorithms. As blockchain technology is continuously recognized by enterprises, more and more manufacturers have gradually innovated and used blockchains, which proves that blockchains are a great energy-saving tool for non-standard components industry and even the entire manufacturing industry.

The SCRY open-source blockchain protocol layer not only has the specific properties of the blockchain but also links the data to the blockchain through decentralized oracles and allows smart contracts to serve traditional manufacturing processes. SCRY believes that blockchain technology will play a vital role in the development of non-standard components innovation. Using the SCRY blockchain in the non-standard components industry will give you more opportunities to change the service and management processes for non-standard components and provide an innovative approach to managing data and quality monitoring for innovation and transformation while ensuring data Security cannot be tampered with; the SCRY blockchain and distributed consensus protocols will enable non-standard component product participants (upstream-intermediary-downstream) to record all aspects of manufacturing in real-time (From the processing and procurement of raw materials to these inputs to the supply and distribution of non-standard components and records.) to create new business models and infrastructure communication and to constrain the actions of all parties. In addition, SCRY’s real-time supply chain system technology can help manufacturers quickly detect and resolve unexpected problems, thereby reducing the likelihood of product recalls, further reducing the cost of product manufacturing services. The SCRY blockchain traceability will also solve the problem of information asymmetry, and the credit rating will quantify the manufacturing supplier’s credit. It is conducive to supply chain financing, and can also be managed and recommended and optimized for suppliers of different credit levels. According to estimates, a reliable credit rating can bring 30% of the supply chain financial revenue increment to the enterprise.

The development of science and technology is changing rapidly. The future non-standard components market will be completely different from today’s non-standard components market. It needs to be more integrated, smart and secure and provides on-demand and personalized services, including automated, shared and networked non-standard components services. The rapid development of 5G, AI, digital drive and IOT will give more opportunities and challenges to the non-standard components industry. Now is the best time to layout the blockchain of upstream and downstream enterprises of non-standard components.

SCRY is a flexible and extensible open source protocol that creates conditions for the widespread use of block-chain smart contracts. E-scry@scry.info

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