Cool Hearables 2017

You can almost hear the technology evolve in your ear.

Aware (Left) — Here One (Middle)— Waverly Labs (Right)

Alright guys. If your headphones are still wired, you are behind the game. You probably have thought about buying a pair of wireless headphones but decided not to because your headphones still work. Maybe you want to upgrade you current pair but just don’t know where to start. If that’s the case… this article is not for you lol. Here are some cool hearables that’s not on the market YET… but soon to be. And they are changing the earbud game.

The New New

So there are couple of hearables that are really interesting and are going to pose as legitimate competition to some of the big headphone players in the game right now.

Highlight: These wireless earbuds allow you to adjust the sound levels of certain sounds. So not only are they noise cancelling but you can control what sounds you do and do not want to hear. If you are in a workout class, you can allow speech to come in and decrease the other noise happening in the room. Maybe you’re on a flight and need to decrease the sound of the jet engine. You can do that too. All through their app. Will be interesting to see how these are applicable IRL.

Price: $299

Highlight: For all the fitness heads out there, these might be your next pair of hearables. Aware says their earbuds comes with a brain sensor using EEG technology as well as a heart rate monitor to (hopefully) deliver you some impressive biometrics that the public hasn’t seen before. Will these features be easy enough to use for the general public? Do I really need earbuds to measure my brain waves? I don’t know if I need it but I know I want to try them out.

Price: $349

Highlights: Probably the smartest earbuds to come out. Meet the game changer for travelers. These earbuds translate speech to create “A World Without Language” Barriers. Waverly Labs is disrupting the industry by providing the general public to communicate to anyone and everyone. I will be interesting to see how many languages they will support and how accurate these work. If you speak more than one language, you already know that there’s slangs & slurs that are culture specific. My guess is that it will do enough to get the message across… which is a huge win. Definitely want to try these out.

Price: $249


Hearables are going to become more and more prevalent in everyday life. Whether you are traveling to a different country or biking to work, the way you listen and hear things is about to change. 2017 sounds like it’s going to be an cool year.

Written by: Stephen Chiu

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