Account-Based Marketing for B2C Marketers Is Coming
Christopher Penn

Really interesting points, Chris. When building our B2C customer equity platform, I had discussions with others in my circle about ABM, where we were asking “Is ABM just customer centric marketing for B2Bs instead of B2Cs?” Even today, we speak of ABM as the B2B evolution of what we’ve been advocating for B2Cs.

It’s really interesting to think of the perception we’ve held in reverse.

For us, the foundational piece on the B2C side is having a good model for predicting forward looking customer lifetime value for each individual. Until you have this, it is difficult to identify those “ideal” customers for specific targeting. This requires a lot of data, and specifically, it requires recurring transactions. Because of this, we’ve found the B2B space a bit more challenging in settings where purchases are complex and less frequent. That’s the opposite of the areas you’ve called out, so I’ll be curious to see how this develops.

In the B2C world, we tend to find the biggest opportunity in the around simple/regular/repeat transaction businesses (e-commerce, coffee shops/restaurants, gyms, etc.). Also, in the B2B world, we can probably get away with more digital methods than is ideal in B2B (as Jon points out).

If interested, some resources:
video of me presenting some of this stuff: