SAP & NFTE: Powered by Partnership

As a longstanding supporter of Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), SAP has proven the power of partnership. Since 1987, NFTE has been leading the effort to bring the entrepreneurial mindset to underserved youth around the world. Our success is due to committed partners like SAP who believe in the impact that entrepreneurship has on the way young people see their future. And when that happens, they succeed as individuals, communities are stronger, and the future is brighter for all.

SAP is focused on purpose driven business solutions and their foundation is built on a commitment to helping the world run more efficiently and improving people’s lives. This is evident in all parts of their approach; let it be with their business partners, clients, or organizations like NFTE.

This shared values strategy is clearly demonstrated by NFTE National Board Member, Kyle Garman, who noted that this partnership “means so much to us as a company.” Thanks to SAP’s commitment to NFTE, we will have the opportunity to expand our Startup Tech program to key markets including, Chicago, Philadelphia, and the Bay Area. This investment will allow us to provide tech-entrepreneurship to more than 1300 students over a three year period.

As a first step in this expanded national partnership, NFTE had the privilege of attending SAPPHIRE NOW with a few of our youth entrepreneurs. During our week in Orlando, we had the chance to meet with SAP executives including their Chief Marketing Officer, Maggie Chan Jones and partners of theirs like Capgemini. Rob McKay, a VP at Capgemini shared how partnerships are a way to win. He also explained the concept of “co-opetition” and how in business, sometimes you are competing and sometimes you are cooperating.

Another highlight included meeting the Co-founders of Life is Good. Brothers, Bert and John Jacobs passed along the advice that no one can do it alone and celebrate what is good. Again, a commitment to creating partnerships, both within an organization and externally with the communities your business touches.

Strategic partnerships are created to maximize impact and facilitate progress. And every global movement is powered by committed partners. Thank you to our friends at SAP and the #SAPPHIRENOW team for your support of NFTE’s mission to empower youth through entrepreneurship.