Cloud Operating Model

Over a decade, people keep promoting Cloud is our future, everything will be on cloud in some day. Today, we are all well educated the benefit of using Cloud, why we need cloud, what can be done on cloud, how we can design and architect; on-boarding workload to cloud , the connectivity between on-premises data center and cloud, using AI/ML tools, how to setup landing zone…etc.

However, some of us are still struggling to use cloud, not because the maturity of technology but the operations. That’s following a series of simple thinking process: May be I need to setup a cloud team or CCoE team for cloud operations, but how the cloud team work with existing Infrastructure, Network, Security and Application teams? Do we need to change the legacy internal process to achieve automation? How about Cloud Strategy, how to start and where is the destination (to finish my job). Probably those questions are the blocker of cloud adoption, some of you may start using cloud without deep consideration on operating model because the business requirement (but end up still need to work back to operation), some of you may be still standing and thinking a holistic plan before any move or change.

Recently, i read a book called “Cloud Operating Model” for dummies, the book help me to resolve some of the above questions, it describes the key concept of cloud transformation and operations, defining Cloud Strategy, discovering the value and moving to Cloud Operating Model with involvement of people and process and exploring the cloud management solution and its benefit. This book inspiring me a lot, I strongly recommend this book to the person who is planning or working on Cloud adoption and defining Cloud Operating Model for their companies.

From this book, Cloud is not a destination, it is a journey to better serve the business through technology. Cloud Operating model is bridging the app and cloud strategy decision and accelerating digital transformation. VMware Cloud Management Solution facilitate the multi-cloud operating model, providing the consistency, visibility, automation, governance, financial management across all the cloud.

If you want more detail , download this eBook:

Cloud Operating Model for dummies, VMware Special Edition by Mandy Storbakken, Martijn Baecke and Ellie Ruano.




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