Ensuring members of your coop or credit union are heard

Credit unions and cooperatives rely on strong member participation in order to help drive future success. In fact, active participation from members is one of the key differences that distinguishes coops and credit unions from other organizations and businesses. This participation usually takes place during meetings and decision-making events where…

The Benefits of Bringing your Meetings and Elections Online

By now, we’ve already discussed what universities stand to gain from online voting technology, and how to go about selecting a solution and planning an online election or meeting. But how can we leverage online voting to increase alumni engagement with alumni associations and their universities?

Potential Online Voting Events

A first helpful step…


How universities have leveraged online voting technology

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have accelerated the digitization of the realities that surround us: work, personal relationships, relationships between citizens and public administrations, etc.

But what about decision-making? It seems that electoral processes (in public and private organizations) as well as the functioning of parliamentary chambers and collegiate…

Start by determining the features you need for your online voting event

You need to hold your next university leadership elections using an online voting system. And your board of directors wants to hold its upcoming general meeting online — can you use the same solution?

With many online voting solutions on the market offering various features, and with the many different…


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