Is The Media Biased Against Donald Trump?
Berny Belvedere

“ I hold no expectation that the media will ever cover a Republican administration in a genuinely impartial way.”

This is the key. The media doesn’t just do a biased job on Trump, it does a biased job on pretty much every story it reports that has even a hint of a political or social aspect. Worse, it’s often willing to drop all journalistic standards to reinforce it’s bias in it’s reporting…… to the point where it does things like selectively edit quotes in order to change their meaning or even fabricate facts outright. Dan Rathers “fake but accurate” has set the tone for the modern media. It’s the 800 lbs gorilla in the corner of the room that at least half the American public sees but the media refuse to acknowledge exists. Trump coverage is NOT an exception, it’s simply the most obvious and extreme illustration of the problem.

Further your argument about who’s worse misses an essential truth. Politicians are not supposed to be unbiased toward a political viewpoint in how they go about doing their……nor would we really expect them to be proactive about exposing their own shortcommings. That’s the media’s job. The media is supposed to be focused solely on the truth and objectivity in reporting. It hasn’t and it’s blatantly obvious it hasn’t for decades at least. That is why it is so easy for Trump to attack it.

In terms of the “Right Wing” media…… what do you expect to happen when the entirety of the media has pretty much been a Left wing echo chamber for decades and failed in it’s basic responsibility to objectivity, fairness and truth in reporting? Without the “Right Wing” media there would be no balance of viewpoints in the media. The only way you can possibly get something like that today is to read a Right Wing source, then read a Left Wing source and accept the truth lies somewhere in between what they are reporting.

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