What is your point anyway?
Ivana Knezevic


Yes. there are some real Nazi’s out there, far fewer then the Left likes to claim, but they exist. In our system of government, even they have rights. The very same rights that you and I have. That is the strength, not weakness of our system and it is part of what assures us, if we stay true to it, that the kind of tyranny that real Nazi’s espouse will never come to power here. Under our system, people have rights to hold objectionable beliefs. They even have rights to express objectionable beliefs. When they take those beliefs and translate them into actions that trespass against someone elses rights (like punching them in the face) that’s when the law and the police step in. Just as the law and police step in when you or I or anyone else trespass against someone elses rights. The law doesn’t and shouldn’t care about the politics or the beliefs or the race or religion or anything else about the person doing the trespassing…. when it starts to, that’s when you head down the road to 1930’s Germany, it cares about their ACTIONS.

Further the Left loves to label people Nazi’s that aren’t. It’s a short cut for not having to debate the merits of their views and ideas. Put a label of “Nazi” on someone and you don’t have to worry about debating them because everyone knows the Nazi’s are so evil that you should never listen to anything the say. It’s a cheap and repugnant tactic to shutdown debate before it even begins and censor anyone who’s views you disagree with.

P.S. Not that it matters, but no, I voted for Gary Johnson. I felt that both Trump and Clinton were of such lowly character and completely unethical that I couldn’t bring myself in good conscience to vote for either…. and I’m a life long Republican. Even Trump though, for all his faults, is still not a Nazi….. The one thing I do agree with the author on is that the term has a very specific meaning.

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